Jim: One more comment. The lady in front here, the blond lady

Guest: Cary

Jim: Thank you. You had another concern. I think I have another answer for you. You had a concern about brain washing, or something like that.

Guest: Yes, I went to the Monroe Institute and I really liked it and had an incredible awakening there and my husband, he is the one who brought up, because his era, the Korean War and everything, that is what they used. I had no answer for him because I didn't know anything.

Jim: My viewpoint here is that you can walk away from this anytime.

Guest: Well, exactly. I said you are in control.

Jim: Yea, you walk out. And the two programs, one of them . The program 54 and program 02 are direct opposites. Program 02 is the Up Mode, hyper. 54 is the all relax down. If you get down too much program 02 brings it back up. So they are, one's a vazal constrictor, and one's a vazal dialator. I mean, very very measurable. But you can walk away any time. This is not This is much different than the Monroe stuff which does try to put you in a certain state, or Focus 10, or Focus 12, or whatever. This is quite different. There is no target here. It simply keeps on going down, down, and down. There is no particular direction trying to take you. So give up. Go to sleep. I am going to play 60, which was inspired by Evelynn. This is the same as 54 except the frequency range is much much larger.

(Playing 60)


Jim: No it's in your head. But you can see it better. You want to hold on to Yes, this covers much highter frequencies, and you can watch people. When it hits certain frequencies they go....they shudder from head to toe, you know, as it hits some of those frequencies. And not everybody at the same frequency. And I can almost tell people who have psychic abilities because they will react to this while the average down the street don't . People that have psychic abilities, hearing certain resonance's.

Guest: What is that, why is that?

Jim: How would I know? I just followed the instructions. Did I built it right?

Guest: You built it right.

Guest: To me it's in my head, really goes down to the lower part of my body. The lower tones you feel in the lower parts of your body. And the higher in your head. The sounds coming through. Maybe there is some kind of blockage, energy, and it clears it up

.Jim: People that can see chakras and things like that tell me that this opens up chakras. I don't know that. Yea, it does. People. I had a healer who was working on a client for a long time trying to get them unblocked and 5 minutes of this

Guest"The same thing I do with my Many times I'll start from the bottom and go up.

Very similar.

Jim: And what I designed this thing for was, I probably knew what I was doing back then, we are finding more and more applications for

Guest: I found that very effective for me.

Jim: We worked on some higher, Evelynn and I worked on some higher ones where we not only heard the descending tones but actually some rising tones. But that's impossible. That can't happen. There can't be rising tones because if you have one steady and one decreasing all you can have is decreasing tones. You can't have the thing go aaarrrrhhhhhhuuup.

Guest: You know what thing you need?

Guest: Well, you hear it in your head.

Jim: It's not happening in this physical world. It couldn't happen. But it has to be interacting with something in the etheric, which I don't know too much about. But I hear the sound about half a second after she hears it. Evelynn is not the only one I work with, couple of other psychics too. They say, "here it comes" and I don't hear it yet. And all of a sudden, half a second later, I hear it. Aarrrrrruuuupppp.

Guest: Could you explain a little about the machine. It's not play the CD in your CD player, or what is, how is...

Jim: Good question. Computer. I am going to open it up for you. Computer board. 286 processor. 8 mega hertz. 16 is the processor. And it's got converter a computer. Basically it's a computer. Trying to raise the sound patterns by a program. The reason it has to be a computer generating these things, because if you had a tape, after a week or two basically you'd have memorized the tape. What's going to happen. This attempts to be random, or random, so that you can't identify anything on it. Most tapes have gongs and bells and whistles and things and you know. After a very short time you know exactly oh, now it's going to come, and here comes the bell, and pretty soon it loses it's uniqueness. And it loses it's effectiveness in a very short time. Within a week or two you have memorized the tape. And then it no longer does, doesn't have the impact anymore. And you go buy the next one you need. When the program here, the computer chip here, generates things that are so unique that the brain can't identify . That's what keeps us so busy, trying to figure out what is going on. Yeeeeeeeeeeee. And that's what . It attempts to. Then tired of doing this and then goes to sleep. Basically, it's not really completely random, But it's random enough that the mind can't grab hold of it. There is not enough information on it. If you had a tape, and there was click on the tape or hiss or some other aberrations that you had something to identify it with.

Guest: But on the other hand, when you are bringing your mood up, or whatever, you are trying to

Jim: That also is basically random. That is relatively random. In other words, it's not the same, it's not always here. On one sweep it's here, the next sweep it's there. Then the next one it's there. So it's always at different spots. Oh yea, here it comes. There it is, nope. Not there. Over here now. It's being modulated by the programs, the phases are changing, the sleep rate is changing, the range is changing. Possibly moving on purpose. Because the mind is so smart, that if there is anything like a fan running in the background, it identifies with the fan and it doesn't hear any more. So.

Guest: Well, what is that? You have to plug that into your CD player? And you have 2 speakers?

Jim: No. No, it's meant for headphones. And normally I sell these little speakers, I convince most people to buy these speakers with ( sounds ) pattern operated. Battery operated. 5 hours with the battery. Plenty loud

Guest: That's better than headphones?

Jim: It's different than headphones. You ask good questions. No, you do ask good questions. I initially designed this to only use headphones. That's all I intended to do. It held a certain job on headphones. The Up Mode works best on headphones. Because and so forth. But if you working and need something in the background to reinforce the program, it would work. Not as well as headphones. On the Relax Mode, again, headphones are most intense. They speakers you can almost ignore. But another whole phenomena happens with the speakers that I didn't realize at first, and that is what I told you earlier when I played it for a whole group and all these strange sounds they were hearing? That only happens on speakers. Only happens on these kinds of speakers. I have a patent on this also. I've got full patent. And this is one of them. This was developed from a sleep lab. Another one of these accidental discoveries. But only this generates the overtones and the frequencies, and. Some people use them that have pains and discomforts. They use them for

Guest: Just because it's the spiral?

Jim: No, no. It's because of the way it translates. Normal speakers are pressure ...push and pressurize the room and pressurize your ears more. This works on a different principal. If you think of a calm lake and you drop a pebble into the lake. The ripples keep on going, keep on going. That's the principle that this works on. It comes out of here and it translates into a transverse wave. It's a whole different way of interacting it. We did some channeling on this actually. We asked Spirit, why does this do what it does? And apparently there is something unique about this that doesn't happen on normal speakers. I've had some people too, that can see, the beam of light coming out of the top of the speakers. OK? I don't see those. OK. There is a lot of stuff that I don't see. But they see the whole whitish, creamy white light coming out. 3 or 4 people at the party I was at the other night, they all saw it. They were all pointing out how big it was. And then the telephone rings, and all of a sudden they were gone. And then, you know, the telephone ringing brought them back into this dimension. I think they were seeing it from another, that they were able to go into another dimension. Since the phone rang it disrupted their thoughts, and they didn't see it anymore. Some interesting stuff. But basically these other phenomenon's occur only with these type of speakers. So, if you just want to relax, shut down the conscious mind, the headphones work best. But if you want to travel the Universe, or deal with things....I could go for hours telling you the different experiences people have had with this and where they have gone and what they brought back, and what they experienced including past life experiences. A friend of mine , problem in this life, was a boyfriend that was after her, and she was sort of putting him off, but he had too, and it was one of those combative things. So she listened one time and had the experience of a past life with the same guy. And he let her down. And she died because of him. He was supposed to be there for something, and she got shot or something, an arrow or something like that. She died in his arms and he says "I'll make it up to you next time." And, I don't know if that's true or not, but it means something to her. She says, "Now I know what is going on. This makes sense, that's why he is so insistent on doing stuff now." So, interesting stuff. Unfortunately I don't have these wonderful experiences. But I believe it.

Guest: Can other people feel when you put your hand over....

Jim: Sound generates Chi. One of the things that generates Chi is Sound.

(synchronizer sound......guest putting hand over speakers ?)

What do you think? Chi, orgone, or chemical electricity, magnet

Guest: Is it sound waves, reacting with one another? Speakers out, is that what's happening? In the middle of the air

Jim: I don't know, but many people find that whatever their complaint was, I cannot even talk about medical things, people seem to get a lot of results for various reasons.

Guest: Remarkable, it really really is.


Jim: There are plenty of brochures. Name and address.. Go ahead.

Guest: Are you willing to go after the truth?

Jim: Of course. Yes..

Guest: And do you have a list of the

Jim: frequencies? Yes.

Guest: Because when you buy it, you get the frequencies.

Jim: Without a name?

Many people talking......

So far, nothing particular.....

Jim: The batteries are built in.

Guest: Are they rechargeable?

Jim: Yes they are. In 10 years so far I've only had to replace one set of batteries. They seem to last. And the charger that comes with it is a little trikle charger that takes over night to recharge a dead battery pack. I recommend that you just leave it plugged in all the time. Cause then when you go out jogging with it, or playing volley ball or tennis with it.

Guest: ......when you drive?

Jim: It is very useful on the Up Mode for driving. It actually makes you very very alert. Extremely alert. Any other things that you might do - roll down the window, play the radio, does not work nearly as well. This keeps you focused.

Evelynn Culver: I use it on long trips. It takes me up to a hyper......

Jim: Very subtle

Guest: And that's the one you use on hyper active children?

(Everyone talking at once, lecture is over.)


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