Guest: What about the fact that everybody's body has a different metabolism? Because of that, it creates different frequencies in the body?

Jim: It does?

Guest: Well, everybody has a different sound that they emit from their body because of the way they are vibrating.

Jim: Is that true?

Guest : That's what I've read.

Jim: I'd love to find out if that is really true. Because I have been researching that also.

Guest: Well, it's like when certain people take medication, some medications work with some people and other people have an adverse affect from that same medication. Because the medication has a specific frequency, vibrational frequency that doesn't agree with their frequency. I mean.....

Mary Gorka: I was thinking that the body really knows what to do. And I think that when interfered with the brain for a long time and our culture and I think that one of the benefits of the synchronizer is that it is going to help clear that out so that you and your frequencies. The factor that allows you rather than forces. You know. Allows things to come up. And allows functions to happen. Because we don't go telling our pancreas how to work, it knows what to do, but if we keep stuffing it with sugar and junk, it gets all confused and malfunctions. And the whole body malfunctions along with it. So if you get the brain coherent, then everything is going to work better. Balance. It's own rhythm. Maybe that is what we are searching for. When we get different programs. This one feels right to get me going the way I want to go. Makes me feel centered.

Jim: The research I've done, and I bristle a little bit when people start talking about frequencies and vibrations cause that's my world, that's my field, electrical engineering. And somebody says frequency, I say OK, what frequency is it? Let's measure it. I have a frequency counter and and this gets me all excited you know. And what I find usually in this New Age Community, everybody talks about frequencies, electric magnetic, bla bla blah. And I say OK, yea, OK. And I find almost zero in terms of facts. OK. It's lots of wishful thinking, lots of people standing around talking about it. And I think, OK, let's do it, let's measure it, what frequency is that, 1150 hertz, or, what is it? How do we measure it? I want to measure things. OK. So I don't want to sound like I am coming down on you in a negative way. I am saying, I haven't found that data. I've read about it, I have studied Sherry Edward's stuff for years, and a lot of people have that stuff. Very compelling, very exciting, very provocative stuff, but I haven't seen the science behind it. I haven't seen that you can put out 23.4 hertz and put oxygen in somebody's body. For example. She claims. She makes lots of claims that are just wild. And that would be wonderful if you could do that. But I haven't seen the science. I've seen the talk, but I have not seen the science. For example, let me tell you a quick story how she justifies the fact that oxygen...she uses a pulse meter, do you know what that is? Something that you clip onto your finger tip, and it measure the pulse rate. It also measures the apparent oxygen concentration by using two different color LEDs. Measures the retinas, quote unquote. Theoretically measures oxygen. So she did her work with those frequencies and tones and things, and has a little on somebody, and sure enough, after the tone started, immediately the oxygen content went up. Apparently, and that was the whole research they did, and they published this, and boy now they've got the frequency that creates oxygen. What really happens is that if you are very tight and very tense, the blood vessels in your fingertips are going to be constricted. OK. You need very little for the LEDs to color. Very tight, almost no blood. If you do anything at all, but the person sits down and relaxes for any reason, whether he is listening to pretty tones, or Monroe stuff, or other stuff, or meditation, the blood vessels are going to dilate and now you have a big red blood vessel all of a sudden.

Guest Did the oxygen level go down

Jim: Apparent. No, no, it is a measurement problem. If you had done the oxygen test with chemistry, you would have seen no difference in oxygen. But because of the equipment being lied to,, if you are tense the readings will be off, if you relax the blood vessels will dilate and now you will see big red and the readings will go up. But if you chemically analyzed you will see no oxygen change. It was an aberration of the . Does that make any sense?

Client: Yea

Jim: But I have not found much science to support what you are saying and the field you are in. I am not criticizing your field or anything, because I have seen some wonderful healers do wonderful work, and you are probably a wonderful healer, OK? But when we talk about frequencies, I get excited. I want to see what frequencies they are.

Client: Do you have something that can actually test frequencies?

Jim: No. Oh, I see, No no. I've scope, frequency counter, spectrum analyzer, yes, I have all that equipment. But, what frequencies are we talking about.

Guest: I'd like to see your stuff.

Jim: You are more than welcome to come up. And I want to hear more.

Guest: Quite a line you've got there.

Jim: But the problem in the New Age field is, there are these wonderful frequencies and vibration, and did you know the earth vibration is going up? Everybody knows that. But I haven't seen the science behind it. Every room that has a bunch of people in it, and they all talk about the vibrations of the earth going up, the frequencies increasing. What is it? I have not found anyone who can tell me where to measure, how to measure, or what the frequency is. But every New Ager knows the frequency is going up. Every New Ager knows this for a fact. Tell me how, where is it, nobody seems to know. I want to know. I talked to Kay about it the other day. Schumann resonance. Oh yea, wow. Who has measured it lately? Every New Ager knows what is going on.

Guest: Well, the airports know, because the radar is , doesn't it? The magnetic pole has changed.

Jim: But that has nothing to do with this? The magnetic pole is always wandering around. That is the normal it hasn't flipped yet like we have been told it will, but that has nothing to do with this frequency. I am very interested in this, by the way. You know. I don't want you to think I am negative and putting this thing down, I'm saying...

Evelynn Culver: There are some...oh, I'm sorry. There are some interesting things going on. And Jim and I talk about this endlessly. Believe me. We have these discussions endlessly, you know. I'm talking to Jim about this same thing and well what, where is it? Well you know I but, I am constantly screening scientific material and stuff for any little for one thing, did you know the ionosphere is closer to the ground now. I mean that brings us, that has some interesting implications which we talk about very endlessly, so, I mean there is stuff going on. And he is paying attention to it. We are trying to

Guest: A lot of it has to do with the fact we don't know, we don't have a large amount of data since l958 as to how much this has fluctuated. I know that the sun causes a great deal of fluctuation and we also know, I mean, when you talk about frequency, I deal with frequency on different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum because I am a lighting engineer. And so, that's a different order of magnitude than the one he deals with but I know there has always been a discussion of light and chakras, and the way that I describe it is , realistic, it works for me, is that I took Arabic for a long time and there are like 40 or 50 different words for camel because there, it is a hard way to describe the nature of the camel. And you hear about whether or not there's for Eskimos what they have for snow. I don't know anything about that but for camels there are about 45 words or so that describe that. But they don't really, if you are just a westerner trying to figure out what that means, it makes no sense whatsoever but they are trying to describe something that is very ineffable so what the, he is a hard science person, who's trying to, he has spectrum analyzers and frequencies counters and I know what those are. And you are trying to describe something where our language does not actually enough. Not to say you are wrong, and it is really not saying he is wrong, it is saying we don't have yet, we are not yet, we don't yet have a way of talking down things, and , because I am a lighting engineer, a lighting designer, virtually all of the hard science that I do that is involved, and a lot of the research that I am involved with right now, two projects on the way, but has to do with this perception issue. And it deals a lot with this kind of and from an oral sense, with the same issue, there is a lot of interesting work done. Why does this fight or flight syndrome, or in a sense, why do we have this? I'm similar visual one that has to do with exactly why this person back here is complaining about the fluorescent light being on. There is an absolute reason for that and I can make a linkage why it is Marshall McCluen said "The Medium is the Message". Well there is actually a reason for that. But, and these are fairly hard things of getting to the problem is our science is lagging our ability to explain things and our need for double blinds is lagging far behind where the experiential stuff is. That you are describing and what you are describing, those things don't happen. But what you are talking about, your two different languages talking about something different, using the same terms.

Jim: But I want you to know that I am very positive about this. I do want to know every search and measure. So I am not nay saying or really.... For example, real quickly, to show you that I am open minded about this stuff is that I have spent a lot of time and effort and money and test to show that the Hemi-Sync process that Monroe does, does not work. I set out to prove it, it's silliness, I actually set out to prove that it does not work. And in the process I learned that it does work. So I was open minded enough to realize it does work and I researched it more, and learned a whole bunch more, which is, you know, reflected in this work here. But what started me on it was my disbelief of the process, OK. So I want you to know that even though we might be arguing about this frequency doesn't mean I'm closed minded about it. I just want to see some more and better data. OK. Yea?


Jim: He does.


Jim: I have some equipment that will do that, but this is the profession she is in. I forget your name..

Guest: Beth

Jim: Beth, yea. Talk to Beth. She has the equipment to do the voice printing and that is the field she works in and she does frequencies and things, so, that's her specialty.

Evelynn Culver: I would just like to say something about sound, and. You can sit there and listen to some of these programs and hear sounds that Jim assures me are not coming from those speakers. We'll hear them about the same time, at certain places. It's in my head. Now I don't know if that is some kind of left hemisphere, temporal lobe artifact, I don't know what is going on there. Or if it is a 4th dimensional sound. I don't know what is going on. But I am hearing it. It is real. It is affecting me. Uh, I hear very intense sounds when I am dreaming. I make sounds that I could not possibly make in the physical. Now are those astral sounds? What is that? Um. I don't know. I mean all these questions need to be answered. And I actually think a lot of people like you who work with, because I've known a lot of healers who worked a lot with music and sound. And I think a lot of them are very attuned to astral sounds. There are sounds there. There are sounds in 5th dimension, and you are hearing things that we are not ready to measure yet. Jim and I have talked about this quite a bit. He is very interested in attempting to, you know, measure things that we just don't have any equipment for yet. We have discussed this and are working on the problem and if any body can do it, he might. Anyway, that is what I wanted to say about sound.

Jim: Let me just amplify on what Evelynn said. When I visited this group of people who heard all these strange sounds I mentioned earlier, I didn't hear any of those strange sounds. All I heard was the two tones. And yet the whole room of people heard an incredible amount of variety of things they told me about. If it hadn't been for the fact that my good friend Lon the engineer was with me, he heard the sounds, I would not have believed this of the people. I would have said they were on drugs, or something. Because I didn't hear it so therefore it wasn't there. And I asked my friend, what does it sound like? Well, if you wet your finger and run it on the lineglass, that kind of sound. Oh. I didn't hear it. I try to hear it. And so I spent every day about half an hour listening to the speakers. Took two weeks before I heard the first faint sound of this Ooooooo sound episode. And I practiced and I practiced, I can hear quite a few of them now. I don't hear as many as many others but I probably hear about 4 or 5 or 6 of those frequencies and I tried to measure them once I heard them. I got microphones out, and I have all this equipment. The microphones do not pick up these frequencies, OK? And these are good microphones, some of them are very very expensive. So I asked a lot of people, and this was actually before I met Evelynn, but I was asking all the people that I knew that were in this New Age field. Oh, you have to get crystals, crystals will pick this up. Crystals are magic you know. Anyway, so I got a crystal with some wires on it and I hooked it up to preamp, hooked up headphones, and I got myself to a state where I could hear these sounds and I put the headphones on to see if this microphone would pick it up. And sure enough. I hear this big powerful sound, so I said "Wow, I found out the crystal that hears these strange sounds, etheric sounds.

Guest: Hook the crystal up to the microphone...

Jim: No to the headphones. In other words I used the crystal as a microphone. OK? I used the crystal as a microphone and a separate little amplifier with headphones so I could listen through the crystal..

Guest: Oh, you amplified the crystal.

Jim: Yes, that's what I tried to do. Now , it got louder and louder. So I turned the volume down. It's still getting louder and that is kind of scary because it is getting very loud, I unplugged the headphones and it's still getting louder. Now, what's going on here? Take the headphones off and it's gone. Put the headphones back on again, big time loud. I finally discovered was that if you block this channel of hearing there are other things you hear with.

Guest: bones....

Jim: No no no, no no no, this is , this is something else. And I have checked with a lot of people on this, apparently we hear this through a sense that is not normally developed for us. There is an eighth cranial nerve that has another input channel that is not normally used. But then I experimented to see where I heard this. And really, the only thing the headphones did here was block the normal hearing channel. Which that made the other channel come on live. And what I finally discovered , that if I took these little speakers here, and I pointed them right at the ears, I didn't hear it. I tried different settings and about right here, physically right here, was the high sensitivity. So apparently it's being heard with the aura.

Guest: So, it's the equivalent of the third eye?

Jim: I don't know that. I don't know anything about the third eye. And I ask some of these psychics whether stuff they heard like the frequencies, and they thought it was heard by the aura. And this lady says let me raise my aura up higher, and she said Oh Yes, there is another whole reign of harmonics further up. So that is there are other things we hear with rather than just the ears, OK? There are other senses. I lead you astray thinking that there is this crystal that heard these things, no. It was a hellacious experiment. It was covering the ears with , with sound protectors. And I have actually taught myself to hear. I can listen to the TV and the stereo now with 30 to 50 dB in my ears. I have learned to hear not full range, but you can certainly understand and flow music. So there are other senses that we hear with.

Guest: Of course.

Jim: I had one lady explain to me when she heard these particular sounds that she would see color. She'd see rainbows. Her eyes are closed. She'd see these rainbows of colors. How they melt into each other, how the colors very And we were in kind of a dark room when we were doing this. And I know her eyes were tightly shut and she is going "There goes it, I can see my hands" . Sure you can. And she says "No, I really can". So being the scientist, me, snuck up behind here and put my hand up to her ear, and I know her eyes were tight shut so it wasn't and she would point at it. So she did see with her eyes closed, while she is listening to these programs. The other interesting thing is she had these big rings on her fingers. She had these gigantic crystals, or glass, or beads or but enormous rings on her hands. So I asked her, do you see your whole hand,, do you see finger each thumb, you know, is it a clear crystal, is it a clear view of your hand? She said "Oh Yes, each finger." I said "do you see the rings?" She said . She didn't see the rings. Well my presumption was she must have been seeing her etheric. And she was seeing with her etheric eyes. I've got people to do that, I can't, but. And a lot of people see the colors. That is one of the fascinating things. You know. A lot of people see a gigantic thing out here, colors.

Evelynn: Want to play another program?

Jim: Oh yea. Let's play

Guest: How many programs do you have?

Jim: 38 programs in there now. I'll do something a little bit different. We played 54. I'm going to play you 60 which is same program except lighter frequency range. And I'll just answer another question you sort of had, is that, is what I've seen happen with different people with these things. Apparently a clearing does occur. When you sweep through these frequencies there are blocks, and these frequencies by the fact that they sweep through all the tones, that they clear blocks and improvements occur. In other words, at times we have seen medical conditions, whatever they are, disappear for

You have some interesting....

Guest: You can't cure sleep apnea. You can't.

Jim: Mary has been using the synchronizer in conjunction with her healing touch work that she does. She is a nurse, an RN, right? She also does healing touch, she has been combining them and you had a stroke victim that

Mary Gorka: Stopped breathing when I was working on him and I thought ohhhhh, started counting you know, how many seconds he wasn't breathing, so I though well maybe I'll try the synchronizer. And in a very short time not only did his speech improve, but also, also he stopped snoring. And I watched him, healing touch most people just go to sleep. So after several sessions he fell asleep but he didn't stop breathing. And for some reason they canceled my services. They didn't want a synchronizer.

Jim: You did too good a job.

Mary Gorka: And, I'll probably call this fellow up and see if this is still in fact the case.

Guest: How long did you use that method?

Mary Gorka: We were in session about 20 minutes. And I would wake him up again with 01. This is pretty nice. I've been very in my nursing career for a long time. And I am particularly upset by sleep apnea because it is debilitating several of my friends. They don't need the clinical setting, and so I'm really eager to get working with Jim to see if we can help these people. I am willing to put in a lot of time in this and to find out. Or we can check these people out. Anyway.


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