Rick Martin: I have to go in a few mintues and didn't know if you wanted me to go ahead and relate my experiences?

Jim: Would you please?

Rick Martin: Let's see. I guess that after I started using this, the first thing I noticed that occurred was, I play the fiddle, and when I am playing with a group of people it is always harder to concentrate on your own music because you are having the process coming at you and sometimes you don't always like what is coming at you, you know, somebody might be playing in a way that you don't particular care for and it's really distracting but. I went to a festival and I was playing this session and I noticed that I could really, you know, like, do what I was supposed to do and I wasn't really being distracted too much by other players. And that might not sound like a major thing but when you play a lot, it's the subtle things you notice yourself that you struggle with that start to shift a little bit. And the next thing I remember, I was playing for a dance, and the sound is always kind of something you have to deal with in terms of the PA system is blaring at you and you are trying to deal with that while you are playing. I can hear every thing a lot clearer somehow. Like my mind was able to deal with all the signals I was receiving a lot better. And then I started taking a little more interest in my work. I was like, hummm, you know. I've got a power washing business, am self employed. And I go through peaks and valleys of, you know, how much interest I am paying to my business, or how much fun I am getting out of it. You know, I was ( )thinking, hummm, I think I will work on this project, and fix this up, and do that. And get this machinery turned out and more organized, and so on. So it was just sort of gradual building process. But after awhile I found that I was just really able to kick into gear and get a whole lot of stuff done. And, it took awhile. It didn't happen over night. But I just kept doing what Jim told me to do as far as how to use the machine and the Relax Mode really feels GOOD. G O O D! I've meditated before, I mean I haven't been like a lifetime practitioner or anything, but I knew how to do it. And this thing, it just get's you there quick. And it really, I mean it's a more heightened sensation of that. You know, you can lie on the bed, if I am really tired I do that. But if I am not really tired I'll sit down with those little white tube speakers on either side of me and you know, I'll just sit and help the thing clear my mind a little bit and that will really get a good effect off of that. And ( ) to keep myself chilled out. And I don't have to do that anymore. I was on tranquilizers before that. And, so, it definitely had an effect. Actually think I got a little too wound up on the thing for awhile. I was just going and going and going and it was kind of getting on my nerves so I backed off a little bit. So I am pretty happy. I haven't really been using it regularly. Like he said, after you train yourself in, you don't really have to keep after it. Although if I get a little tense, I just listen to the Relax Mode. I did it the other day. I was kind of burned out and it really help me to get my act together..

Jim: Rick is my star salesman. He has sold probably 10 synchronizers for me. I say you must be a really really good salesman to be able to sell all these people to buy these machines from me.

Rick Martin: You know, I think the way that worked was I tend to be a person who talks to my friends about just everything. I am pretty revealing. They have heard me complain for years, and then it's like , I tried this and that didn't work, and I tried that and it didn't work. And then I tried this, and this works. So you know a lot of people were following the story. And I think that that had a lot to do with it...

Guest: Would that work for marketing, like if you said, OK, I don't need this anymore, I'll loan it to you, or you can take it for awhile and if I need to rejuice I can come borrow it from you.

Rick Martin: Well Jim says, and I intent to agree, if they don't really want to buy this thing, and are not going to pay, then there is not going to be serious...and you kind of need, or at least my feeling about it was, if Jim hadn't worked with me a little bit I probably would not have known what to do with the thing. Maybe a better instruction book would be

Jim: Working on it

Rick Martin: But....yeah, I mean, I tend to think that that's probably right. If you pay for the thing you have a vested interest and you are going to work with it.

Guest: But wouldn't more people pay for it if they knew they could have ( ).

And lend it out.

Rick Martin: That's a Jim question..

Guest: Well, I'm asking you. Cause I've been marketing it for months without even having it.

( ) for the mentally ill.

Rick Martin: Well, you know, I just think it's just like anything. You've got to experience it and everybody is different. It's a tool. I mean one person is going to hold a hammer in their right hand, and the other in the left, and, it's a good tool and you just need to learn how to use it for yourself, and me too.

Guest: Do you think like you were committed and ready for help when you discovered it, you know, the synchronistic thing?

Rick Martin: I mean, if you are going to take Yoga classes, if you don't do the Yoga, you are not going to get the benefit. You've got to put your time in, use the thing. I mean it's an easy tool to use. A lot easier....

Guest: Do you think you were ready and that's why ....

Rick Martin: it worked for me?

Guest: Yea...or that you were even ready to work with it. Because that's what I am trying through here. It's like how do you get past somebody's resistance.

Rick Martin: Well, you know, a person, people are either really interested or not. I don't know. I am not the kind of salesman that plots and tries to figure out each individual mind set and how to penetrate that.

Guest: ( ) I've told ( ) most people I know are ready. In the classroom too, through PA or something.

Jim: Well there is a different problem in the classroom.

Rick Martin:

Guest: Well you just have to

Jim: Dr. Albie Tobackman, can I mention him? Is someone I met. Do people know him here? He is one of these way out, interested in everything doctors, will try everything , is very very progressive. And he came out to my house, and he listened to the thing, and he kind of didn't like it very much, And I used test equipment that I use to measure where people are, concentration and things. He says, ah, this program is not scientific, kind of negative about it. I was very upset, you know. And I was telling him stories of what I have experienced and so forth, but you know his medical training, said you've got to do 2000 people double blind, otherwise it means nothing, you know. And I said Well no, that's not how I see it, people come here, a $600 device, they buy it. I give them an opportunity to bring it back a week later if they want, and people don't bring it back. Now, are they too embarrassed to bring it back? I don't think so, not for that kind of money. So I am arguing with him, I don't need this double blind study. Besides, how can you double blind study something like this. A training tool . How can you double blind study weight lifting, you know. Just not going to work, in my opinion. Plus, this thing works, I try to help people. They can bring it back. So, I think it's working. He sent me Rick, here, as hard test case, I think. He'd been working with you awhile.

Rick Martin: Yea, he and I were kind of friends before.

Jim: This was the acid test. "Rick Martin"

Rick Martin: Complained with Albie for quite awhile.

Jim: He says, if this works for Rick. Now he bought some units and he told me after ( ) He uses them with almost every client that comes in there. He puts headphones on them while he does his healing work. It gets them out of the way and now I can do my work. So he really likes it in his practice. He has no one to help. And it was Rick that really made this whole thing possible. Because it worked for Rick and now Dr. Albie is sold on it. So, thank you thank you Rick.

Rick Martin: Your welcome. Anybody, I am going to take off, does anybody want to ask anything? OK.

Jim: Rick, thanks so much for coming by.

That was the big test case.

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