VHF EnergyPulser


This coil functions as an effective remover of etheric energy, specially tuned to target disease-causing organisms and devitalize them. Depleted of their etheric life force, such organisms are more easily overcome.

The 24" copper spiral is wound clockwise to operate out-of-phase against biological energy fields. Its larger size creates full-spectrum resonance in the very-high frequency range (150 to 700 MHz). Because it resonates at relatively lower frequencies than the 12" UHF coil, the VHF EnergyPulser singles out pathogens.

Since energy flows freely throughout the bioetheric field, exposing any part of yourself to the spiral coil will also address other parts. This holographic property of the bioetheric field ensures that energy is drained from where pathogens are most concentrated. A broad range of pathogens may be confronted due to the broad resonance spectrum of the VHF EnergyPulser. Lyme disease sufferers have used the powered versions of the UHF and VHF devices to alternately drain etheric energy from the lyme spirochetes and then infuse etheric energy into the body so that an energized immune system may overcome the devitalized lyme organisms. Same may be said for the organisms that cause food poisoning and many other illnesses.


    * Drains etheric energy from pathogens
    * 24” spiral mounted on Lexan
    * Full-spectrum VHF resonance
    * Improved Lakvhovsky design
    * Money-Back Guarantee