UHF EnergyPulser


This device is a potent source of etheric energy.

The 12-inch copper spiral is wound counterclockwise to match the natural spin direction of biological energy fields, while its unique spiral geometry creates full-spectrum resonance in the ultra-high-frequency range (600 to 1200 MHz). This device is an improvement on the technology of Georges Lakhovsky.

Proper spin and resonance allows the UHF EnergyPulser to initiate a powerful transfer of etheric energy. This energy directly stimulates the bioetheric field into repairing any misalignments between itself and the physical.

Exposing any part of yourself to the UHF EnergyPulser will also address other parts. This holographic property of the bioetheric field ensures that energy goes where it is needed regardless of where it entered. The more energy is needed, the more dramatic the effect.


  • Pushes energy 
  • 12” copper spiral on Lexan
  • Full-spectrum UHF resonance
  • Improved Lakhovsky design
  • Moneyback guarantee