DP100 Dual Plate Energizer

DP100 Dual Plate Energizer System

Self contained power supply including amplifier, meter and random frequency generator, and with dual active plates (as shown in picture).


The DP100 machine is based on Doug MacLean’s pioneering work.
Our research has shown it is possible to introduce frequencies using capacitor coupling instead of a coil with inductive coupling. The major improvement is that the elaborate tuning method needed for each frequency is eliminated.  It is also possible to create a much larger field using large capacitor plates to couple the energy through the body.

The DP100 sends multiple frequencies simultaneously. While this can be done with a sweeping signal generator, we have found that a MWO (multiple wave oscillator) or Random Frequency Generator is more effective and that is what our system uses.

The DP100 eliminates the operator having to select a frequency manually, refer to the lookup table to determine the proper resonating capacitor settings for each frequency, and set the current level.

With the DP100, you simply:

  1. turn on the system
  2. set the power level
  3. set a timer
  4. sit between the plates.
  5. when the timer dings you are done.
    ...everything else is automatic.

Another significant advantage to the DP100 is that it can be run indefinitely without overheating, unlike the Doug Coil Machine where the coil and/or amplifier overheat within about five minutes.

The DP100 has a frequency range of 100 – 5,000 Hz. Our research showed there were no perceptible effects at frequencies over 2500 Hz, even though we tested as high as 15,000 Hz.  More information.

Please note that this an experimental device and no claims are made for the device.

If the device does not meet expectations, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee if returned in good condition.  The buyer pays the shipping both ways.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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