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Brain State Synchronizer
For training your brain to operate in different
modes such as Up, Down, Sleep, and Relax.
Brain State Synchronizer CD's
CD copies of the Brain State Synchronizer
Meditation Speakers
A unique speaker design that creates a holographic
acoustic image.
Pillow Speakers
A special high power stereo pillow speaker
to help a person fall asleep without having to
wear headphones.
Hi Fi and Surround sound
Music entertainment
Sports Training Glasses
A visual training tool to teach the eyes to work
together and improve stereoscopic vision.
Silver Generator
Silver ion and colloidal silver generator
Energy coils
Etheric energy devices
Air Cleaner
A HEPP air filtration system. (Hydro Electrostatic Particle Precipitator).
Brain Wave Monitor
EEG device similar to the HAL-4
Peak Performance Research Group
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