Instructions for the Meditation Speakers for use with the Brain State Synchronizer:

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Remove the two speaker tubes from packing box, remove plastic bag containing the two speaker bases. Find one adapter (1/8” male stereo to two female RCA jacks), one 12 foot RCA to RCA speaker cable, and one female RCA coupler.

ASSEMBLY: Remove rubber band or tie from speaker cable. Install base into bottom of speaker tube. Make sure that the white plastic rim is flush with the edge of the cardboard tube. The bottom has the speaker and holes and speaker wires.

DISASSEMBLY: If you want to remove the bases from the tubes for some reason, use a screwdriver or knife to pry the white plastic lid away from the cardboard tube. Pulling on the base is not recommended. (See diagram A)

Set speakers in desired locations (see diagram B) such as opposite sides of the room, or on both sides of a chair. Plug speaker wires into adapter and then plug adapter into the Synchronizer headphone jack. (See diagram C). If the extension speaker wire is needed to move a speaker further from the Synchronizer, plug speaker wire into the coupler, plug the coupler into extension speaker wire, plug extension speaker wire into the adapter, and the adapter into Synchronizer headphone jack as shown in diagram D.

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