Dark Field Microscope Research


Pictured is an Olympus BX40 Microscope with a BX-PHD phase contrast attachment, JVC S-VHS video cassette recorder BR-S601MU, Toshiba DVD video cassette recorder D-VR4, Panasonic color video monitor ct-1384-y, in the background are the DougPlus plates.

I have been fortunate to find some local researchers to work with.  The live blood looks quite different from healthy people.  I have several hours of videos showing some very interesting things including some very strange critters not found in "healthy" blood.

Some sample clips are available by typing www.MeissnerResearch.com/lymevideos

Please download the Freeware VLC viewer from www.videolan.org  Some windows player will not play these files.  Another advantage of the VLC viewer is that you can speed up the playback when watching white blood cells moving.  There is a MAC version.

The user name is "lyme"

password is "research".

If anyone is interested in more information, I am willing to send some DVD's with data on several people.  Please email: carolmonroe@earthlink.net.

I would suggest using the "Save" option.  Right click to save the file to your hard drive.  It takes the same amount of time to download, but then you have the file and you can look at it again.

Jim Meissner