Comments by John N. Trainer, Jr., M.Ed., NCAC II

Licensed Professional Counselor, Sr. Substance Abuse Counselor.

Patient #1 (Lee): Relaxed her shoulders after 5 minutes. Could hear the interaction between the brain hemispheres --how the left side controls the right brain: When the sound was on the right side she was aware of her hand on her left ear. She could feel the vibrations just holding the earphones in her hands. (Diagnosis: Schizophrenia)

Patient #2 (Janice): After trying a few minutes: A beatific smile appeared on her face: "I feel like I'm high." (with 52 setting). Diagnosis (Dx): Alcohol

Patient #3 (Sara): (Dx Adjustment disorder mixed emotional features) Tried 02 for persistent headaches: Made it worse. Switched to 52: Fixed headache that persisted despite 2 extra strength Tylenol #3's 3 hours prior.

Patient #4 (Ken): (Dx Alcohol problem) "52" relaxed me. Amazed at surround-sound rotating effect. "51" put him practically to sleep.

Patient #5 (Vincent): (Dx hypertension) 52: "Got a relaxed effect". Noticeable difference in eye and speech.

Patient #6 (Randy): Using 52, became more relaxed, speech slowed.

Patient #7 (John): Low energy from low blood pressure, C-V probs: Played with high 50 settings while watching TV one night, then gave it back to me. Except for continued low blood pressure readings, a significant sustained energy increase was enjoyed for at least 2 weeks.

Patient #8 (Jeff): (Alcohol) Visually gets "hyper" prior to relapsing. Was hyper today. Used "52" for 20 minutes: Felt fine.

Patient #9 (Kay): Relaxed her enough to pop her neck. Despite incredible tension, she experienced a major release and later a lot of feelings came tumbling out. Used "52"

Patient #10 (Joseph): (Alcohol): Relaxed him -- wanted to sleep. "52"

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