TO: Jim Meissner

FROM: Allen B. Jacobs

DATE: December 31, 1994

SUBJECT: Model 11 Synchronizer

Mr. Jim Meissner:

This letter is to inform you of my personal results achieved with your machine. But first, a little background.

I have been involved in sports virtually all of my life. My interests have included boxing, track, football, and tennis. I have kept myself in shape throughout the years, watching what I eat, doing calisthenics (such as sit-ups and pushups) as well as aerobics.

One activity I have enjoyed performing throughout my life was pushups. I always enjoyed the way they keep my upper body in shape. I never ran out of arm strength in any sport I was involved in.

I found when I used your machine I was able to perform more pushups. The amount of pushups always I perform varies, from 25 to 200 at a time, depending on how often and diligent I’ve been performing them. When using your machine, I noticed a few things happened...

I was able to focus on the exercise more easily. Once I got over the feel of the headset and the cord flopping around, I was able to isolate my muscle group more. Anyone involved in exercise knows you want to push only the muscle group you are working on at the time.

I was able to perform more pushups before I started to feel the need to push myself. I was able to push myself for a longer period. That is, once I started to feel the exercise work my muscles, I was able to pump out a few extra.

In summary, I was able to consistently perform more pushups with the device. The percentage varied, but a low end, conservative estimate was 10%, and it wouldn’t be stretching the truth to call it 15 or 20%! This endorsement is of a voluntary nature. It is simply my way of expressing my thanks to your for your product.

Allen B. Jacobs

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