Synchronizer Experience by Serge Popper

I had been using the synchronizer for some weeks. My listening times were early morning and late evening. First I listened to the up sounds for twenty minutes or so. Then I moved over to the sounds to be found on numbers 51 through 61. I was hearing a version of the Tibetan bells every session on the higher numbers.

While I listened to the up mode I also did some reading. Mostly "Conversations With God III". When I got into 51-61, I lay there, calm, no thoughts, just being there and being open to the sounds and whatever they were doing. Invariably, specially with #52, I would hear Tibetan bowl sounds while the Synchronizer was going.

After a few weeks, maybe a month of doing this daily, I began to have some interesting experiences while listening to #'s 51-53. The theater of my mind, or my mind's eye would see a luminescent tunnel, large enough for me to walk into. I had been working on freeing myself from the influences of childhood and, although I did not know it at the beginning, this tunnel was to lead me to my freedom. I had previously not succeeded in my search for past experience because I was looking only for the experience, not the experiencer. Who knew I could reach younger versions of myself when delving into myself? I sure didn't!

One morning, as I was listening to #53 and hearing the beautiful Tibetan bowl sounds, the luminescent tunnel appeared. I walked into it. No problem so I continued walking and came across a small male child, about six to eight years old. He was sitting there, all curled up as if in fear of me, crying, sobbing, in obvious pain. I approached him and saw, to my amazement, that he was me, some sixty years in the past. I picked him up, instinctively knowing that I had come across a little Sergie, as I chose to call him, at a point in his life where the pain was so great that he had made a warped decision in order to be able to live on. He did not speak to me, but I knew I had to convince him I loved him, that I did not resent his having made a decision which affected my life adversely, that I understood he did what he had to do out of fear of death. I carried him outside of the tunnel, holding him, hugging him, kissing him and assuring him I loved him and all was OK. He stopped crying, looked at me very seriously and disappeared. That was the end of that session.

Each subsequent session found me back at the tunnel/tube entry, ready to go back in. I can't tell you why, I don't know why, but it was not fast going. Sometimes I would just freeze still in the tunnel and eventually walk out again. Or I would space out in the tunnel and come to in the bed where I was listening to the synchronizer. After a few such non-events, I was walking in the tunnel again and there was yet a younger version of Sergie waiting for me to discover him. This Sergie was about four or five years old. He was terrified. I don't know how I knew he was terrified as he was totally silent - but I knew he was terrified. I picked him up, very gently and slowly, and carried him out of the tunnel. I don't know where or when I was, when I was out of the tunnel. It was outdoors, pretty weather, a field and a forest and maybe an ocean. . . I'm just not sure. This little Sergie, I discovered, and again, I don't know how, had almost died from ruptured appendix and had never really come back from the point of near death he experienced. I got that he wanted to fly so, after relaxing him, loving him, reassuring him, I told him he could fly whenever he wanted to. I felt he wanted to so I threw him up into the air and he really flew. I don't know how he flew, but he did fly! Eventually he disappeared.

I did this on a daily basis for some six or eight days, going into the tunnel, looking around, not accomplishing much of anything. The eight day I went in again, came out and realized I'd have to find the three Sergies and become one with them. As if magically, I was standing in the area to the tunnel entrance, they appeared. I picked each one up and when I had all three in my embrace I told them I loved them and that they were really me. I told them we were one and they belonged inside me. I hugged them, said good-bye to them and they dissolved into me - they merged with me. They were not gone, I had become whole.

I felt wonderful. I literally was glowing with the joy of being complete. I must have been radiating as all the people who saw me smiled at me, said hello to me or looked at me. At first I didn't understand why I was being noticed and then I understood. For that moment in time I was a whole, a completed human being and, somehow, it must have been visible. Not only did I attract attention with the way I looked, I also seemed to know the answer to most any question to do with spiritual and psychological matters. Matters of human relations, matters of time, matters of life, love and death.

The next day I went back in the tube and reached my mother's womb, the place of my body's first being. I went backwards in time and followed the path of my father's sperm to him. From there I was able to see light tube connections opening out from my father to his parents, from my mother to her parents, from each parent to their parents and so on and so on and so on. I was in the macro viewpoint and was only able to see the light tubes of connection for a few hundred people. Without warning, my perspective changed and my viewpoint became somewhat like being at the point of a triangle, just enough above it to give me a down view of the whole triangle. I saw a huge, vast, monstrous one layer deep triangle which extended into infinity. The tubes were lighting up the surrounding darkness, much like when you come to a city, spread out below, with its lights reflecting off the low hanging clouds. I was dumbfounded! It was too much to take so my next awareness was that of being back in my bed, listening to #53.

I thought about my vision that morning. Suddenly, I was chilled. My mind's eye had reconstructed the image of the triangle of light and showed me that it ended, way, way out, but it ended in pitch blackness. I asked a number of people if they knew what I was seeing. I had no clue. One man said that Pythagorus had envisioned the universe as a series of triangles coming to a common point and then spreading out again. I immediately snapped "Pythagorus was wrong!" Wow, where did that come from? Anyway, I thought and thought about my vision and, well, duhhhh, I saw it. It was a simplified viewpoint of creation and mankind, including the beginning. That's what the darkness was, CREATION! It was a sort of big bang. We were all put here at once, as a life force. This life force perpetuated itself through creating bodies. The life force lives, lived and will live. Only the bodies die. How much of the life force the body knows is not something I know. Where did the life force come from is also something I don't know. Naturally, this triangle is simplistic as each person has his/her own triangle behind them. Maybe Pythagorus wasn't so wrong after all?

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