The Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer


Congratulations! You have just purchased the Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer made by Meissner Industries. The attached summary sheet provides a general guideline for using the 38 programs available on the Model 11. It will be helpful if you understand that the general instructions do not cover every conceivable use. Each individual is unique, and will respond differently to the Synchronizer’s various internal programs.

The Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer is a training device that can improve mental function in the same way that weight training strengthens muscles. It is similar to a set of weights for increasing your muscular strength. The Synchronizer is as simple to use as a set of weights. This simple instruction sheet will get you started and is not meant as an in-depth tutorial. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about using the Model 11.

It is extremely important that you do not confuse the Synchronizer with a medical device. Its sole purpose is to help people improve athletic performance and/or mental acuity, achieve relaxation, sleep, or to assist them in becoming and remaining more mentally alert. It was designed for individual recreational use.

By helping some people relax and sleep better, and to meditate or concentrate more intensely, the Synchronizer may assist the body’s own natural healing mechanisms function more effectively, just as a good diet, regular exercise, and a positive mental outlook will do.

NOTE: THE MODEL 11 BRAIN STATE SYNCHRONIZER IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE. IT IS NOT DESIGNED TO DIAGNOSE OR CURE A MEDICAL CONDITION. If you are under the care of a physician you are advised to seek your physician’s approval before using the Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer.

Please note: US Patent Number 5,135,468 entitled “METHOD AND APPARATUS OF VARYING THE BRAIN STATE OF A PERSON BY MEANS OF AN AUDIO SIGNAL” has been granted to cover hardware and software relating to the Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer.

Front Panel Controls: ON-OFF (Start-Stop), Volume Control, Program Selector Switches, Headphone Output Jack, Charger Input Jack.

ON-OFF (Start-Stop) push buttons: The START push button is located below and to the left of the volume control near the charger input jack. Push and hold this button until you can hear the unit start, then release (remember to turn the volume control up). This may take up to THREE SECONDS depending on how long the unit has been off. Normally, startup is instantaneous. The STOP push button is located near the headphone jack, below and to the left of the volume control. Some programs will “repeat” forever until you push the STOP button. Most programs will stop and “power off” and will turn the machine off automatically.

VOLUME CONTROL: The volume control is the knob located in the center of the front panel. The volume increases as you adjust the dial clockwise (as is conventional). The setting of this control will depend on the sensitivity of your headphones and your listening comfort level. In order for the Synchronizer to be effective, the selected program has to be in the foreground (the predominant sound) rather than in the background. The volume level should be set very loud, but not so loud as to hurt your ears. Do not exceed safe-long term sound levels! The sleep modes, on the other hand, need to be very soft so not to wake you up again.

PROGRAM SELECTOR SWITCHES: Set the selected program (for example 54) by pushing the buttons on the program selector switch. The button marked with a tiny(+) increases the displayed number, and pushing the button marked with a tiny(-) decreases the number. The program selector switches are located above the volume control.

OUTPUT JACK: The output jack is a stereo jack designed to fit common 3.5mm stereo headphones. This jack can also power the special Tubular Field Effect Speakers and Pillow Speaker for sleep and meditation.

CHARGER INPUT: Your Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer comes with a 12-volt battery charger. The charger uses a 2.1mm power jack (center positive +) to accept the external 12-volt battery charger (included). Nominal current draw is 50 ma (milliamps). For recharging in the car, a radar detector cable with a cigarette lighter plug can be purchased to be used to recharge or power the Model 11. The input from these chargers provides a trickle charge for the internal NiCad battery pack and can be left on indefinitely. While plugged in, the power is taken from the external source (car, etc.) and not the internal batteries. Overnight or 16 hours is required to recharge a dead battery pack. Depending on how loud you play the unit, you can expect 4 to 5 hours of battery life. This may represent several weeks of normal use.

Older Style or Professional Headphones: If you have the older style, 1/4 inch plug headphones, you will require a 3.5mm to 1/4” adapter. Avoid the normal adapter because the added weight and stiffness puts stress on the Model 11 output jack assembly. If you absolutely must use the 1/4 inch plug headphones, buy a “coiled cable” with a 3.5mm male and a 1/4” female instead of an adapter. This will allow some flexing without breaking the jack. WARNING, it is very easy to damage the Model 11 headphone jack using the wrong (1/4 inch) headphone adapter. Ninety percent of all repairs are due to damaged headphone jacks.

SENSITIVE HEADPHONES: The internal power amplifier is also capable of driving special speakers. If you use high quality, sensitive headphones, you may hear an annoying low level hiss. This is normal and represents the compromise of having to drive both speakers and headphones. Most headphones costing between $5 and $15 will be excellent for Model 11 use. The expensive headphones provide no advantage.

HEADPHONES vs. SPEAKERS: The Synchronizer was designed for headphone use only. Conventional speakers should NEVER be used. Regular speakers will create an acoustic beat in the air between the speakers, rather than a binaural brain wave frequency. Even though it may sound the same, it does not create the same effect. Refer below to Tubular Field Effect Speakers and Pillow Speakers.

MEDITATION SPEAKERS: When the relax modes (50 to 61) are played on the specially designed Tubular Field Effect Speakers, a unique effect may be experienced. Many people report deep meditative states, etheric sounds, altered states of reality, heightened states of awareness, out of body travel, and other consciousness related phenomena. Note: these effects do not occur with headphones.

PILLOW SPEAKER: A special pillow speaker has been developed for use with the sleep programs. This should only be used after a 1 to 2-week training period using headphones. This pillow speaker is unique in that it fires the sound into the mattress, rather than toward the ears. This allows the head to be in any position and still maintain the stereo or binaural image. Using the sleep programs on a regular basis can be very beneficial. The subject of sleep inducement is a very complicated issue. Please contact us if you need more information on sleep assistance using the Synchronizer. People with clinical sleep disorders should not attempt to substitute the Model 11 for proper medical care from a physician.

AUTOMATICALLY SWITCH PROGRAMS: You may want to set the Model 11 to switch automatically to a new program. After the you have started the Model 11 to run program 01, you may now set program switches to 02. This will cause the Model 11 to switch to the new program when it has finished the first program.


There are four basic groups of programs. They include: UP, DOWN, SLEEP, RELAX.

The Up Mode: Programs 01 through 05. Suggested applications include improving sports performance, increased concentration, accelerated reading and learning, driving, waking up, or any activity that can be improved with heightened concentration.

The Down Mode: Programs 06, and 10 through 19. Suggested applications include slowing down and relaxing. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.

The Sleep Mode: Programs 7, 8, 9, 20, and 21. These programs are designed for sleep inducement. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.

The Binaural Beat Relax Mode: Programs 50 through 61. Suggested applications include relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, and achieving a feeling of balanced energy. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING.

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