1. PROGRAM SELECTION. (Refer to Program Listing Chart). Push the small buttons on the program switch to change the programs numbers.

2. HEADPHONES. A 3.5mm stereo plug is required. Avoid the old style headphones with the 1/4” jacks. Although they can be adapted with a 1/4” to 3.5mm adapter the larger plugs can stress and damage the headphone jack. Avoid expensive, high sensitivity headphones as they may pick up annoying background artifacts and hiss.

3. SPEAKERS. Special Binaural Pillow Speakers and Tubular Field Effect Speakers are available from Meissner Industries. These speakers were specially designed as a substitute for headphones. Conventional speakers will reduce the effectiveness of the Brain State Synchronizer.

4. ON-OFF SWITCHES. The START switch is located to the left of the volume control, the STOP is located to the right of the volume control. It may be necessary to hold the Start switch down for a moment until you hear the program begin. Some programs stop automatically (power off) and turn the Synchronizer off. Others repeat continuously (repeat).

5. VOLUME CONTROL. The volume control should be turned up to be quite loud for maximum effectiveness, but, do not exceed your comfort level.

6. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. The UP program modes can be used while driving. The DOWN, SLEEP, and RELAX modes MUST NOT BE USED WHILE DRIVING. The UP modes stimulate concentration and tend to promote reflex response improvement. This is accomplished by promoting an increase in Beta wave amplitude. The DOWN, SLEEP, and RELAX modes promote Alpha, Theta, and Delta activity and are best for relaxation, sleep, stress reduction, and meditation.

7. BATTERIES AND RECHARGING. A 2.1mm power jack is located to the left of the volume control. The 12-volt charger plugs into the power jack and requires 16 hours to recharge a dead battery pack. The charger can be left plugged into the Model 11 to provide a trickle charge to the NiCad battery pack. Depending on use and volume, you can expect 4 to 5 hours of battery life before needing a recharge.


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NOTE: THE MODEL 11 BRAIN STATE SYNCHRONIZER IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE. IT IS NOT DESIGNED TO DIAGNOSE OR CURE A MEDICAL CONDITION. If you are under the care of a physician you are advised to seek your physician’s approval before using the Model 11 Brain State Synchronizer.

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