Comments by Paul P. Krikorian, MD

A fifty-year-old patient who was a heavy user of rum (one pint daily), a eight pack of beer daily and occasional vodka that started drinking at the age of sixteen has the following results using the Synchronizer; Since 8/93 he has been using the Meissner Industries Synchronizer three times daily and since starting this regimen, he has not had even one drink of alcohol.

Comments by Jim Meissner:

We followed this patient for over 3 years, and so far as I know he has not relapsed. The other interesting information is that the patient stated to Dr. Krikorian that the only reason he was drinking so much was because of his back pain. He stated that the prescription pain medication was not as effective as the alcohol. Since using the Synchronizer his back no longer bothers him. My guess would be that the "Relax Mode" program 52 had a beneficial effect.

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