Jim Meissner
Afton, VA

Dear Jim,

I have truly had some wonderful experiences using your brain synthesizer... so, thank you for creating it!

I first experienced your synthesizer in a weekly group setting listening over your speakers. We all felt the vibrations going into our total bodies as well as hearing the sounds through our ears. I was surprised at how quickly we got into high states of consciousness and how we could tap into information, see, hear, feel, and know all kinds of things in those higher levels, and the wonderful experiences we had.

I purchased your synthesizer mainly to use in meditations; to get into high states and to feel the joy, and love, and peace one attains in those states. When friends visit from out-of-state, sooner or later we meditate together with your synthesizer and always have powerful group experiences (and they always want your synthesizer!). Personally I have received meaningful messages, been awakened to new perspectives, had personal healings, connected with friends who have crossed over, and just blissed out while listening.

Amazingly, I have also found the focus and concentration settings to be powerful and use them often. I had not expected to use these settings --yet found that I truly focus to a far greater degree than ever before. Reading complicated material became easy, and my focus ability has grown and stays with me even when not using the synthesizer. I now feel much more energy flowing through me while sending absent healings and know it is because I am much more focused.

Your brain synthesizer is a powerful tool for growth, and great fun! So, thanks, Jim!

Warmest regards,

Helen Warring
Lovingston, VA

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