“I love the meditation modes! By 4 or 5pm in the afternoons I feel myself winding down so listen to the synchronizer with the speakers and the fatigue and stress go away. I get a resurgence of energy and feel refreshed for the evening.”

Becky Cohen


“The synchronizer makes it possible for me to use the treadmill with reduced effort. My blood pressure does not go up like it used to, to 190 over 90. Now, using the synchronizer while on the treadmill, my blood pressure is 141 over 76. When I use the relaxing modes my blood pressure drops from around 150 over 78 to around 130 over 68. When using the meditation modes, I deeply relax, and my blood pressure drops. I often hear harmonic sounds in these states.”

Jack Scher


“I use the 02 Up Mode for getting things done. Sometimes I procrastinate, and hope to use the synchronizer to flow more freely and accomplish more. The first time I used the synchronizer it was set on the Down Mode, 52, with speakers, and had a very vivid past life experience. I was in a relationship at the time, and he and I were in a past life in which I was killed. Just before I died, he said to me “I will look for you, I will find you and we will be together next time” and in this life he has found me. In this life he often says “I will always find you and we will always be together”.

Lorene Baker


“I used to toss and turn upon going to bed, thinking abut too many things, and not being able to sleep.

Now I listen to the Down Mode, 60, on the synchronizer and am asleep within 2 minutes. I also use 01 or 02 when overly tired but I need to keep going or keep working . I then become more alert and focused instead of being scattered.”

 Vickie Wheaton



 Tashi Llama


“I drive a lot on my job, and use the Up Mode to stay awake when driving. Also, I used to put everything off, was a great procrastinator. Now I use the Up Mode to get motivated and now DO things. The days just seem to flow and I find I am DOING instead of procrastinating. I also find that the Sleep Modes work fine when I wish to go to sleep.”

Richard Piland


“While listening to the synchronizer with speakers in our meditation group, I felt serenity, and unconditional love for everyone, and also felt the beauty and love in everyone. I began hearing high sounds, like beautiful Buddhist gongs, or singing bowls. The synchronizer heightened my intuitive abilities, and helped me to expand and open up and talk in the group.”

Dan McAneny


“I used the 01 Up Mode which worked well to help me concentrate at work. I also listened to 52 and other Down Modes and found them to be powerful for relaxation and especially to slow down excessive mental activity. When listening with the speakers I experienced sound through the whole body and it put me into profound meditative states, and, I could feel the process taking place.”

 Dan Reynolds


“I love the synchronizer! I’ve used it for three sessions since yesterday and each was more interesting and productive than the one before. The last one brought out the most beautiful Tibetan bowl noises I’ve ever heard. The tone of the bowl sound changes each time your synchronizer puts out a new tone. It was totally, beautifully exquisite! The euphoria and happiness has lasted - it is purely wonderful.”

Serge Popper


“The “UP” or “stimulating” modes of the synchronizer ( 01 - 05) have been extremely helpful in eliminating mental and physical fatigue. There seems to be a lasting effect. I feel as though my mind processes input more quickly. The Up Modes have improved my spiritual and body work practices.”

 Evelynn Culver

Healer, Channel, Body Worker

 My initial use of the synchronizer “relax” modes was a release of long held emotions. I felt miserable for two weeks, after which, I felt great, even relieved. I have since used the “relax” modes over the course of 4 years with only pleasant relaxing or “altered State” results. I feel that the synchronizer speeds the opening of consciousness by helping the mind remove negative patterning.

 Rev. Evelynn Culver

Channel, Healer, Massage Therapist

 “I have always been poor at shooting the hoop in basketball. After using the Up Modes (01 - 03), I was able to go from 2 out of 10 stationary shots completed to 7 or 8 out of 10 shots completed. Imagine my shock, and that’s without practice, and I’m 45 years old.”

 Evelynn Culver


“Since my son began using the Meissner Brain Wave Synchronizer he has improved significantly in his reading and writing skills. We have seen his thought processes become more fluid and he does not struggle to express himself. My husband and I feel that the Brain Synchronizer has been a major part of his over all improvement.”

 Barbara Behrens


 “I have been a Healing Touch Practitioner for 9 years (a nurse for 46 years) and have had good outcomes with my clients, whose conditions range from life threatening illnesses and injuries, emotional crises and deep anxieties. Adding the synchronizer programs from 52 to 54 for most clients, deepens their relaxation and positive experience of the healing session. At times there has been a great improvement in an acute or chronic condition and I believe that adding the synchronizer to this energy work has been instrumental in providing these outcomes.”

 Mary Noel Gorka,

RN, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

Charlottesville, VA 6-2-00


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