Meissner Research Brain Wave
I am sharing this information with those who are interested in Brain Wave measurements. I am planning to list the schematics and how
to build information here as I find the time. If someone has a question please E-mail me.
Jim Meissner -
(this equipment was used for the development of the Brain State Synchronizer)
The following are files containing EEG data:
Logfile1 LOG001 5-5-94 215 KB -- test file
Logfile4 LOG004 5-10-94 1.6 MB
Logfile5 LOG005 5-10-94 3.6 MB
Logfile6 LOG006 5-11-94 1.1 MB
Downey.dat 5-14-94 558 KB - very interesting data of a medium going into altered state and speaking with those on the other side.
Notice the extremely high amplitude Delta waves. These are not eye blinks or other artifacts. I wish I had been using a 12 or 16 bit
Executable File Slink12r.exe DOS file to read the stored Hard Drive EEG record.
egavga.bgi Graphics routine needed by slink12r (see note by Doug Southerland)
This file is a DOS program that was written in Borland C++ to run on a 386 type computer. It will run at different speeds depending on
the computer. There are a few control options to run this program.
F1 = Printer off.
F2 = DPU 411 printer on.
F3 = Okidata printer on.
F4 = Gain setting, arbitrary number, try different setting for best display.
F5 = Pause display.
F6 = Delay, 1=1 second, .1 = .1 seconds. (6 gives the real speed on a fast computer)
F7 = Time divide setting.
F8 = FFT frequency width, 1 = 0-60 Hz, 2 = 0-30 Hz, or 3 = 0-10 Hz.
The data acquisition module is a HC11. The source code included here was "stolen" from another project and contains information not
needed for this application.
A8.asm source for 3 byte 2 channel EEG with 0-60 Hz frequency range
A8.s19 Motorola file
A9.asm source for 5 byte 4 channel EEG with 0-60 Hz frequency range
A9.s19 Motorola file
EEG01.gif - this is the schematic diagram of the EEG input stage. (Use back button to return.)
ISO01.gif - This is the schematic diagram for the RS232 opto isolator. (Use back button to return.) This opto isolation circuit has worked
well for many years! The 9 volt transistor batteries last for years. There is no current draw when the RS232 line is unplugged or when
the HC11 is not transmitting. The Baud rate was 9600. It looks like a H11A1300 could be substituted for the 4N35. The H11A1300 is
good for 5300 volts and is VDE approved.
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